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funny animals in the world 2

hellow gays.. :)))
don't forget to this site..

i always UPDate some more Funiest Animals Picture... i promise to u..

somebody help me

i like my home gays..

heyy...!! it's mine

hello.. this is my father.

heemm.. i think, whenever. i will be rich

ths is my best bad. u know

wait me.. dont leave me alone

i hate you bird

hehe.. i have some toys.

pliease don't shot me..!

hey girl. u like me?


get out my head

somebody is home?

i like smiles

dont touch me..!

hey.. can you do this?

i like your woll cat

sesssstt,,, i wil eat you

i alwasy smile like this

i can't move.. help me..

i was wait some cocacola

what do you look.?

i will kill you hamster

don't take my food

look me,,

can ou do this gays

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